Thursday, February 17, 2005

Consulting Times launches tomorrow!

Post updated 18th Feb. The first edition is now available at:


Be sure to check your inbox on Friday 18th Feb. This is the launch date for our new monthly consulting magazine Consulting Times, which will be distributed free to all Top-Consultant subscribers.

This launch edition features a couple of exclusives including "the 20 fastest growing consulting firms" plus the fascinating results of our bonus & salary survey (over 1,500 consultants polled from firms like McKinsey, BCG & Bain; Accenture, Capgemini & Deloitte).

With the demise of paper-based consulting magazines during the last recession, we've had a lot of feedback from readers that the industry would benefit from a new monthly publication. Our aim is to quickly grow the readership of this publication to over 200,000 professionals. Future editions will be available in PDF and potentially also distributed in paper copy via the post.

Hope you like the new publication! Tony

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