Monday, February 14, 2005

Upturn in global consulting market predicted

Came across an interesting report this morning - Kennedy Information's "The Global Consulting Marketplace 2004-2006: Key Data, Trends & Forecasts". Here in the UK we've seen the consulting market rebound for 18 months or more - and particularly so these last 9 months. But this report sheds light on the global picture.

Kennedy's report suggests industry growth will run at 5% through til the end of 2006, a healthy improvement on the stagnant growth of recent years. The 3 fastest-growing areas for consulting are predicted to be healthcare(1), public sector(2) and financial services consulting(3) - which together with Retail and Comms / Media will make up the 5 largest market segments during the period.

Any readers with a view on how their country's consulting market is recovering, please post your comments on this blog...

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