Tuesday, March 8, 2005

15% growth for PA Consulting

PA Consulting Group have revealed they plan to grow the consulting business by 15% this year at a time when the domestic UK market has embarked on a new period of robust growth that has seen many leading firms ramp up their recruitment efforts quite considerably.

As part of the strategy a new recruitment drive has just been launched with a series of three careers evenings planned for April 2005 (click for details). Targetting those with IT Strategy, IT Management, IT Infrastructure of IS Implementation expertise, these events will broaden the appeal of PA Consulting by allowing candidates to meet the team before actually deciding whether to apply to the firm or not.

In a tighter candidate market I can't help thinking such strategies will become crucial. If job adverts only reach candidates who want to work for a particular firm, consultancies need to find a way to engage candidates who are interested in their firm but not yet persuaded to apply. Exhibiting at careers fairs and running dedicated careers evenings allows firms to convert interest into applications and as the War for Talent becomes more acute I foresee these approaches becoming more and more critical.

Any current jobseekers out there have a view on this? Could you be won over by a firm you hadn't considered applying to if you met their team and were persuaded they could take your career in the right direction? Do post your thoughts below, would be interested in the feedback...


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