Monday, March 14, 2005

Could you make £ millions with your consulting skills?

Taking your consulting skills and using them to become a self-made millionaire. Is it possible... and could you be the next to do it? Have you got what it takes - or indeed can such skills be learnt?

The exciting answer to all these questions is "Yes" - that's to say most readers of this blog really can aspire to running their own successful business, within a matter of just months if you really apply yourself.

Very rarely do I bother to read any "get rich quick" schemes. Most are scams or worthless or both. But when one of our readers sent us a copy of a
new millionaire course he had been working on, it seemed only courteous to take a listen - and how glad I am now that I did!

The course is based on personal insights from 25 highly successful entrepreneurs who have launched businesses from scratch - many on a shoestring budget - through sheer dedication and determination. They include the founders of First Tuesday, Cobra Beer, Yo! Sushi and - and amongst them are ex-consultants from firms like Bain and Ernst & Young. So you see consultants can and do make the transition from consulting to successful entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur myself, what really impressed me was that so many of the insights in the course are things we have had to learn the hard way in our business - so if we'd learnt these lessons through a course like this a few years ago... well that would have had a tremendous impact on our business.

If you've any aspirations to work for yourself running a successful business then do take a few minutes to check this out. We've agreed a £100 discount for all Top-Consultant readers, so the cost should be no obstacle (when you click the "Buy" button the discount will be automatically applied). To find out more,
click here now - I think you'll agree this is time and money well spent.

Regards, Tony

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