Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Accenture / Capgemini deal unveiled

Interesting developments in the US this last week, with Accenture acquiring the North American Healthcare practice of Capgemini. Several hundred Capgemini consultants will overnight become Accenture consultants, a fact which has heartened the financial community... the fact that Accenture is happy to engage ex-Capgemini consultants is seen as a positive endorsement of CG's talent!

This is all part of Capgemini's new strategy which seems to focus on solidifying the french firm's position in key markets whilst pulling out of non-core markets. The sign of things to come in the consulting sector do you think - more M&A deals on the way? Do post your thoughts...

For further details of this deal, see
Reuters coverage, Capgemini's press release & Accenture's press release


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