Wednesday, April 20, 2005

How can we help?

I got an email this week that really made my day. Perhaps we could make your day too?

Here's the email. Take a read and then let's see how we can help you...

"A couple of months ago, I sent you an e-mail thanking you for your
'Top Consultant' course, which was an invaluable insight into the world of Consulting and which had come at an excellent time as I was interviewing with both Accenture and Deloitte and about to embark on the 'dreaded' Case Study Interview. This was very daunting for me, as I had never undertaken such an exercise during an interview before. However, with your advice from the course and after purchasing your guide to Case Study Interviews I felt much more prepared and not so frightened of the concept.

I am now extremely happy to inform you that I have secured a position with Accenture as a Senior Consultant working within their Human Performance Global Service Line. I do not believe I would have been so successful on the case study, had I not seen your guide prior to the meeting. In fact my interviewer at Accenture (a Senior Manager) told me it was "the best analysis of a case study" he had ever seen!!

So thank-you Tony for producing such an excellent course and for sharing your knowledge of the consultancy world with your readers. Please continue to share your updates and inform us of any courses which can assist in the career development of a Consultant - this is very much appreciated!!"

... Well you can imagine I was feeling pretty good about what I do for a living when this one came through! But it got me thinking what else could we offer on this site that would really make a difference to readers' career progression? And in a nutshell that's the purpose of this blog post. I'd like your opinion.

What does Top-Consultant not offer right now that you'd really like us to offer? What information about consulting would you like to see that we don't provide? What things frustrate you about progressing your consulting career that we might be able to help with?

Post your comments on this blog and I'll monitor these in the coming days as a source of inspiration for new resources we should develop for the site. Oh and if you've got any success stories to share about how the site has already helped you in your consulting career, do post those too!!

;-) Tony

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