Sunday, April 10, 2005

Is it more pay or something else that you want from your employer?

A blog I posted here in February 05 revealed just how seriously consultancies were taking the issue of retention and improving the work/ life balance as a means of improving retention rates. We got some fascinating insights from consultants who've now got it so good with their current employer that they wouldn't dream of moving (more on this before the end of this post)

But now things have gone further and consulting recruiters have asked Top-Consultant to conduct an anonymous poll to discover what steps they could take that would really motivate you to stay working for their firm (rather than choosing to leave). If you haven't taken part yet, do take 2 minutes to complete the survey by clicking the link below. We'll report back on the findings here in a couple of weeks - but so far the initial results look REALLY interesting!...

Click to take part in survey now!

Thanks to everyone for taking part and making this survey really insightful - and for those of you who missed the original post and all the comments from consultants about the great work/ life balances they are enjoying (yes it is achievable!!!) then click here now


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