Monday, May 9, 2005

Independent knifes consulting industry

I do believe I've just read the most shamefully one-sided article ever to be written about the consulting industry. The offending publication is The Independent and the article is entitled "Think outside the box: don't waste money on advisers"

The piece goes to great lengths to characterise consultants as dishonest individuals who charge outrageous amounts for their advice and singularly fail to deliver any value to their clients. We aren't quite referred to as criminals, but certainly our business activities and ethics are portrayed as being the lowest of the low. Reputable names like McKinsey, Accenture & Capgemini are all dragged through the mud and I struggled to find a single positive comment about the profession anywhere in the article.

I've nothing against consulting projects and firms being put under the spotlight when they fail to deliver - but surely a reputable publication like The Independent should at least be putting forward both sides of the argument??!

I hope plenty of you read this article and are outraged by the slander to your professional integrity. Then next time you are deciding where to spend your advertising budget, be sure to have this piece fresh in your mind.

In the meantime, keep busting a gut for your clients - mostly they will appreciate your efforts and initiative, despite The Independent's best efforts to demean what it is you do


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