Monday, June 6, 2005

Consulting vs Outsourcing

Have just been ploughing my way through the latest report from the Management Consultancies Association and it's a pretty remarkable read. Take a look at this chart:

No matter how much has been written about outsourcing in the last years, it's hard to take on board just how much this business line has transformed the face of consulting and the companies that make up the consulting world. These latest figures show that outsourcing has now outgrown all your traditional consulting business lines taken in combination! (as a former strategy consultant, I intentionally sideline IT consulting from this comparison, call it a force of habit)

The MCA have been kind enough to allow us to reproduce some of the key charts and data and you'll find the full write-up of the report findings if you click here. I think you'll find some of the patterns and trends quite eye-opening! Tony

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