Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Monitor + A.T.Kearney = ?

Rumour has it in today's FT that the management buy-out of A.T.Kearney has collapsed and that another suitor has been lined up to takeover the firm within the next 4 months. The FT touts Monitor as the likely buyer.

Is this what's really going down in the States, or is it just a smoke-screen? I'm reminded of the saying "if you've got multiple buyers you've got a sale; if you've got one buyer you've got a giveaway". Could the appearance of a new prospective buyer simply be a ploy to secure better terms for the management buyout?

This ongoing saga reminds me of the rumours that abounded at the time of the collapse of Arthur D Little, which saw first PA Consulting then Monitor Group and then Mercer Management Consulting all talked of as potential suitors. Let's hope the A.T.Kearney situation is swiftly resolved before too many of its consultants decide that with all the uncertainty they are better off just moving on to pastures new...


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