Friday, November 11, 2005

Incommunicado because...

Hi all. Sorry for the long gap in posting to our Blog. This is a reflection of how incredibly busy the consulting market - and the consulting recruitment market - are right now.

Things picked up again a good while back, but now there's an added factor in the mix...

... consultancies (and banks) have been lavishing pay rises on their staff, countering job offers employees have received from competitors and talking up the year-end bonus prospects. This means people are less likely to move jobs now than they were 6 months ago - when a move was seen as the best way of securing a promotion / rise. Which means recruiters are having to work harder just to generate the same volumes of applicants as before.

So recruiters need to hit ever more aggressive recruitment targets to meet client demand; yet at the same time they're having to work harder - and spend more - just to generate the same volume of applicants as before. The pendulum has certainly swung now such that we are in a full-blown candidates' market.

Which in a round-about way explains why I've been so quiet on the blog. We've just been blown away with client demand these last weeks - which if you're a candidate looking for a consulting job right now is great news indeed.

PLEASE NOTE: that doesn't mean everyone reading this site can just walk into a consulting job. The entry hurdles for consulting are still incredibly high - in fact that's one contributor to the recruitment problem the industry is currently facing. If you are not an exact match for what a firm and their clients are looking for, it's still going to be tough to secure a role. But for strong candidates the opportunities out there and the range of organisations currently hiring has not been better anytime in the last 5 years.

Long may it continue! Tony

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