Thursday, March 30, 2006

Accenture's NHS woes

Richard Granger has been taking a tough stance with Accenture over delays on its multi-billion NHS "Connecting for Health" contracts, forcing the global consultancy to take a $450m pre-tax profit hit in anticipation of future losses on the contract.

Accenture is facing calls to change personnel on the project and there seems to be a determination that public sector coffers will not bear the brunt of setbacks on the contracts. Accenture, meanwhile, is thought to be looking for a renegotiation of the contracts. Expect a turbulent few months of press coverage on this one...

Here are just a few takes on the situation:

NHS contract delays hit Accenture (BBC)
Accenture Gets a Little Sick (Motley Fool)
British agency expects Accenture to deliver on contract (Reuters)
UK NHS Blasts Accenture Over Delays (Datamonitor Computerwire)

I don't envy the consultants working on those assignments, do you?! Tony

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