Thursday, April 20, 2006

Consultants Reunited?

We've been toying with the idea of totally revamping Consultants Reunited to make it a more useable tool for staying in touch with former colleagues and associates - and I wondered if you'd like to provide any input re. the changes you'd like us to make?

When we set the service up we were very conscious of the fact that we didn't want random people to be able to contact you unless they did genuinely know you. Otherwise we felt you'd end up with random headhunters, contractors and the like all contacting you looking for work or wanting to sell their services...

However, we acknowledge we've gone too far in the other direction and although there are thousands and thousands of consulting alumni registered, activity is being restricted because it's hard to find others that you know...

So my question to you is - what changes could we make that would move the service in the right direction, without turning it into a LinkedIn type service where you end up being contacted by people that are not genuine contacts at all?

Anyone with any thoughts, please post them as a comment here. All contributions gratefully received. Rgds, Tony

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