Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Hiring friends of friends...

Just came across an interesting article for recruiters desperately struggling to reach their sky-high recruitment targets. You'll recall that back when we published our 2006 Recruitment Channel Report we highlighted the fact that candidates' preferred method for finding a new job was through a personal referral channel. That's to say a consultant's career path can be greatly influenced by the opinions of friends and alumni - and that they are particularly likely to apply to a firm where an existing contact has been able to get them a "foot in the door". Firms with really cutting edge referral schemes are able to gain a big advantage as a result.

"Using the buddy system" caught my attention because it expands both on why such schemes hit the mark when it comes to attracting candidates... and also quantifies the potential impact of such schemes. One example is given in which a firm is recruiting 30% of its new hires through friends of friends.

Since Top-Consultant will only ever be one component of a firm's recruitment strategy, I find these types of insights fascinating - and I hope you do too. Click the link above for the full article.

Rgds, Tony

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