Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Talented young consultants - take the MCA challenge!

In recent years our industry has seen a new priority emerge at the Management Consultancies Association – and that is to foster the development and enthusiasm of young consultants who will be the lifeblood of the industry’s future. became sponsors of the Young MCA a year ago as part of a fun drive to broaden the reach of the Top-Consultant brand. Events to date have included a riverboat cruise and talks from networking experts, sporting idols and entrepreneurs. But now the Young MCA have gone a step further and are appealing to consultants’ competitive nature.

Hot on the heels of programmes such as The Apprentice and Dragons’ Den, the MCA have announced the launch of “The 2006 Young MCA Consultants’ Challenge” which will see teams of consultants pitted against one another to complete a series of tasks and challenges. Whilst intended to be a fun event, knowing the consulting industry you can imagine the rivalry there will be between firms to secure their place as leaders of the pack! And for those of you looking to broaden your consulting network, entries are now being sought from teams of young consultants interested in taking part in this month’s event.

The format will see teams of consultants from compete in three activities designed to test the skills management consultants use during their daily work. Top-Consultant are pleased to be sponsoring this charitable event and hope to see as many readers there as possible. For further details and to register a team see:

Hope to see you there - Tony

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