Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Deloitte win 2nd "Consultants Challenge"

The Young MCA this week attracted 12 teams comprising 120 consultants to compete in the 2nd "Consultants Challenge" - a fun inter-firm competition in aid of the charity "Depaul Trust" sponsored the event for the 2nd year running and £1,600 was raised for charity during the night. This year we brought along ten of our team to "strengthen" any other firms who were short of team members on the night. A big thank you from us to all the firms for welcoming us into their teams with open arms (and my apologies to the KPMG team at this point, to whom my only significant contribution was a series of bull's eyes on the rifle range!).


With Accenture having won last year's event, this year's was keenly contested and the top six teams at the end of the night were:

1st place -- Deloitte (aka "Glitter")
2nd place -- PwC (aka "Police")
3rd place -- Atos Consulting (aka "Bowler Hats")
4th place -- BT Global Consulting (aka "Blues Brothers")
5th place -- Turner & Townsend (aka "Straw Hats")
6th place -- PA Consulting (aka "Vikings")

* aka names signifying the style of hat the teams had to wear throughout the competition!

A fun night was had by all and our thanks go to Natalia and the rest of the team at the MCA for organising such a great event.


Deloitte celebrate winning the trophy, flanked by honorary Top-Consultant team member Sacha Jackson

The KPMG team successfully identify 6 mystery cities, leading me to realise that gap years have moved on a fair bit since my days in the early 90s!
Tony Restell,

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