Friday, March 22, 2013

10: Leadership

Still waiting for Microsoft to issue a pre-release of Project Standard 2013 so I can confirm the differences between it and Project Professional. As soon as I’ve done that “Project 2013 in easy steps” will be ready to go to press.

The Way  
Poor project managers try to dominate the team in order to force them to do their will.  Good project managers lead their team without dominating and more importantly without trying to take the credit for the work of the team.    

The wise project manager encourages the team and is supportive, without taking credit for the team’s achievements, for this is the way of the project manager. 

Can you love all men and lead them,  
Without cleverness?  
Understanding all things,  
Can you be without motive?  
Acting yet not taking credit,  
Leading yet not trying to dominate,  
This is the Primal Virtue.  

“The Way of the Project Manager” by John Carroll (ISBN 978-1481076111), is published by CreateSpace and available from Amazon in hard copy and on Amazon Kindle.

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