Friday, May 10, 2013

PMI Netherlands Summit

I'm pleased to see that the PMI Netherlands Summit now features a page on the "Exclusive Blog Team", which includes yours truly. I'm really looking forward to it. These are thye main topics:

Team learning in projects: why some project teams learn new insights and apply them while others don’t sounds particularly interesting to me. 

Project strategy rooted in dynamic capabilities: a discussion on how project strategy can enable your organization to be adaptable. 

Learning from outside the box: learning from experiences (another of my hot topics) from outside of your own mindset. What will work for you? "Listen and shiver" sounds fun.

Co-creating recipes for successful Project Management: a workshop based on the theory of single, double and triple loop learning.

Learning on the fly: how project managers can access lessons learned on the fly, at the right moment and addressing a specific issue. 

Community Sources Learning adds Value: How can an organization capture and apply knowledge which are of strategic importance for the organization?

Constructing Your Parachute On The Way Down: (I particularly like the sound of this one!) Overcoming Organizational Gravity For Smarties.

Be inspired by Lynn Crawford and Terry Cooke-Davies: your opportunity to align with international thought leaders on project management competences. 

Project Management and the human factor: little attention has been paid until now to the art of undermining  and manipulating projects. But each project has its opponents; the dominant motive is survival.

Program, Governance and its flip side: the relevance of Program and Portfolio Governance in organizations and an updated Agile Governance approach.

Retrospectives: your lessons learned on steroids to help your team/project in continuous improvement.

How agile projects measure up, what this means to you: how organizations can measure their own projects, agile or not, and how to communicate results to decision makers who face investment decisions.

The Afsluitdijk: the world-famous Enclosure dam doesn’t meet present safety standards and needs a makeover. Joost van de Beek (project manager) will share the critical points to success.

Intervision and coaching: a workshop approach to experience learning via interaction and dialogue. Learn by sharing experiences and by exposing your worries and insecurities. Open up and grow. 

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